Material scientists — is the future specialist

These specialty which guarantees: high  level of qualification, 100% employment,  decent wages and welfare.


The aim of specialty — is computer design and experimental researches of nanomaterials, creation of nanotechnology for biomedical  engineering, system of energy saving, micro – and nanoelectronics, aerospace and military equipment, robototechnic, criminalistics.


Specialty “Physics of materials” preparing the specialists of wide profile in a new field of technology at the intersection of materials science, management, computer science, medicine and biology, to wit:

Bachelors on specialty “Engineering of material science

Masters and engineers – past masters  on specialty “Physics of materials

Form of  training: full-time and part-time


Education Master Programs:

    • “Computer design on material science”
    • “Nanomaterials and nanotechnology”
    • “Materials for ecological system and sustainable development”
    • “Metallic materials in medicine”
    • “Biocompatible metallic materials”
    • “Machinery structural researches of materials”


Specialty “Physics of materials” choose because:

1.    Material scientists are in high demand in the labor market. Not exist the field of industry or direction of science where isn`t use the materials. All graduates of specialty are elopement: for each one  graduate in the allocation proposed for at least 3 job offers. Our graduates working:

  • Heads and experts of companies and enterprises of all forms of ownership and all  fields of industry, where developed , fabricated and use materials: nanotechnology, biotechnology in medicine, instrumentation (including – micro- and nanoistrumentation), mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, electronic, military and aerospace technic and other.
  • Specialists in materials trading companies (certification, purchase and sale of  materials)
  • Counsellors banking structures of wide profile.
  • Researchers in research centers or the world and in scientific research institutes of National Academy of Ukraine of Ukraine.
  • Teachers in universities and colleges
  • Specialists in the development of computer programs and technology (through in-depth computer training)
  • Specialists in the biomedicine material engineering in medical center (implants, prostheses, medical equipment and technic)
  • Research specialists in forensic laboratories and other. 


2.    We are ensure quality, depth knowledge, skills of research practical work on modern equipment through  the insolvent great scientists National Academy of Science of Ukraine and also use of technical base of scientific research institutes of NAS  of Ukraine.

  • Institute of physics of metal named V.Kurdyumova, Institute of problems of material science named  I.M.Frantsevicha ,  Institute of electro-welding named Paton
  • Department of physics of metal had taught and educated for science and industry more than any else departments of universities of CIS , doctors of Sciences (more than 80) and Ph.D. (more than 300), 4 academics  of NAS  of Ukraine,  2 academics Russian Academy of Sciences , 7 members of the National Academy of Sciences correspondent of Ukraine that confirms abilities of our graduates to achieve the amazing success in life.
  • Content and method of professional preparation of material scientists oriented on the so-called physical and technical model of training specialists , which based on — thorough science and fundamental training in combined with general engineering and practical. Scientific researches are direct form of organization of educational process, so that the student is formed professional skills  of  activities, as in a industry , and in science and technology, grafted dialectical thinking — the basis of  creative nonstandard approach to the phenome in the nature and society.
  • For the students who want in further work in the organization, approved by the individual plan of professional preparation. Than is possible because specialty “Physics of materials” represent of  basic educational platform for industrial production , scientific researches and development of technology , which connected with modern materials.
  • As a result our graduates are always demand and work in industry, technics, in area of nanotechnology, in the science, in area of special programming and network technology, branch of government control.


3.    We are provide the in-depth computer preparation, which allow solve different tasks in the different informational- telecommunication technology and countional experiment.

  • We are one of few of the universities departments which started spend the students`s laboratory works of computers design of material in the center of supercomputer countional KPI power of 6,3 TFLOPS (10^12)
  • By the quality of students knowledge in the subject of applied computer science “Physics of material science” masterful fill in the first twenty stations (amount 120 departments of university) along with the specialties, for computing science are general subject.


4.     Important direction of training is nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, e.g. nanotechnologicals diagnostics of materials with the help of X-ray. These method allowed to research the process on the interatomic distance about 0,1-0,5 nanometers.

  • Note that in 1997 we are published the monograph “ Modern X-ray analyses of real crystals”, in 2002 — “Material science of Nanostructures”,  which training studens of many specialty NTU  “KPI”
  • The most modern subjects toughing and thematic modules on computer modeling in nanomaterial science:
        • Fundamental basic of industry technology
        • Computer classification in material science.
        • Designing of material echich based on Megabase of dates in global network.
        • Physics and modeling of hyperfine interactions
        • Mesophysics and modeling of materials
        • Design f atoms and probe technology
        • Engineering of surface
        • Low-dimensional structures  and superlattice
        • Computational physics
        • Supercomputer and GRID-technology



5.    Our students are probation in the top of scientifics centers, labs, universities of all world : in German, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, France, Japan, USA; studying on the common Ukrainian-German department and get two diplomas : NTU  “KPI” and Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany (to more look at section of site "International communications")


6.    Gentle and respect for students individual approach to each one is the most important principle of studying in specialty “Physics of material science”. 


  • Teachers of the department free additional classes for improving the level of knowledge of school for students organized scientific groups.
  • Student self-government body working actively student council specialty, which along with
  • curators and students curator groups harmonize training and leisure of students  cooperation of teachers, scientists and students organize the scientific conference of young scientists that is help to improve learning  comprehensively
  • Friendly and creative atmosphere help to improve learning of all students.


We invite you to learn all those who seek high-quality knowledge, qualifications, interesting work and rapid career!





Evidence that a specialty "physical material" does provide depth knowledge and highly skilled graduates