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 Dear friend!              


We invite you to join the friendly team of Department of Metal Physics of the National Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" - enter to the Bachelor "Engineering Materials" and on its completion – to the specialty of  "Physical material"!


Materials science - is an interdisciplinary branch of science that studies the different properties of advanced materials - depending on the chemical composition, atomic structure, materials and technologies for processing. Research in this area identify ways of creating new materials, in particular - nanomaterials with unique properties (ultra-high strength or ductility, high conductivity or high electrical resistance, special magnetic properties) as well as a combination of different properties in a single material. Thanks to advances physical materials created new materials such as liquid crystals, high-temperature superconductors, organic semiconductors, alloys with shape memory alloys are amorphous, thin film integrated circuits computers and many others.


"Physical material" - a prestigious profession for those seeking quality of knowledge, skill, fast and successful career, an interesting job and a decent wage.


We prepare professionals generalists in the field of advanced technologies at the intersection of materials science, management, computer science, medicine and biology, which are able to successfully conquer research, innovation, trade and banking summit.


Our graduates are always in demand and work in industry, in technology, in nanotechnology, science in areas of special programming and networking technologies in the banking sector, in public administration, and athers.


The best students are learning during the period have the opportunity to undergo training and to prepare graduate workin leading research centers, laboratories, universities in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, France, Japan, USA and other countries with which the Department has established long-term relationships. Also, the School has joint Ukrainian-German Faculty, whose graduates receive two diplomas: "KPI" and the University of Otto von Guericke,, Magdeburg, Germany).


We hope to see you among students - Bachelor "Engineering Materials", masters and specialists in "physical materials" in the new school year!


Regards, – 

                                    The staff of the Department of Physics of metals,


Sergei Sidorenko, supervisor Department of Metal Physics, pro-rector of NTU "KPI" on scientific and pedagogical work and international relations "KPI", Honored Scientist of Ukraine, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor.